Intelligent User Experience Researcher with significant experience gained designing commercial multimedia products, web sites and mobile apps for a broad range of clients. Skilled at evaluating and resolving problems creatively. Proactive, open to new ideas and committed to lifelong learning.

Key strengths

Accuracy and attention to detail: Managed, designed and implemented a wide range of IT projects to the highest degree of satisfaction of both clients and management.
Ability to relate to the needs of a range of businesses: Used to liaise courteously and efficiently with a wide range of people in the public and private sector. Able to question, consult, negotiate and influence to gain understanding of client’s needs, communicate in a way that technical details can be understood and assimilated and ensure that stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome.
Resourceful, self-motivated and committed: Committed to self-funded study in the UK and Turkey with excellent academic results (Major G.P.A. 3.73) while running own business in Greece. Required to prioritise workload and work both competently and resourcefully under pressure to meet requirements.  
Adoptable: Flexible and adoptable in order to bring diverse projects in on time and to budget.
Technical expertise: Comprehensive experience based on BSc Mobile Business studies training. For full range of expertise – please see Education & Training Section.

Key experience

User Experience Research:

Demonstrable skills and experience which encompass the following:

Web Design & Multimedia Authoring:

Mobile Applications Development:


Zoe Marmara
Tons of empathy, creativity and a witty sense of humor.