A Content Management System for abstract submissions

Faced with the real-world design challenge of automating the submission, review and publishing processes of a European association's conference, the following presentation illustrates the systematic method of analysis, design, implementation and testing of a Content Management System for abstract submissions. A description of the system is followed by an introduction into the workflow of the submission and reviewing process and by an examination of the problems with the precursor to the web-based system of abstract submissions and the advantages offered by the new approach.

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The system provides the following functionality and features:

Online submission

  • User login/logout, password reminder functionality and authentication verification
  • User controls, such as adding, editing, deleting and submitting abstracts at any time before the close of abstract submission
  • Form validation to ensure that the format style of each abstract adheres to the style guidelines

Reviewing functions

  • Implementation of a reviewing system with grades (scores) that each reviewer can access
  • User controls, such as viewing and scoring abstracts and automatically accept or reject them, according to the final score
  • Access to a list of abstracts based on mode of presentation and/or topic


  • User controls, such as exporting content for the book of abstracts in a standard format and layout and based on selection criteria


  • Access to a list of abstracts and their scoring details
  • User controls, such as editing abstract settings including length of title, length of abstract and abstract submission deadline